Staffing Management Consultant Resume

1946 Monterey Ct.
Santa Clara, CA. 95051
(H) 408 241-1603 (C) 408 910-6632

EDUCATION: Bachelors Science MIS, San Jose State University

OBJECTIVE: To find, close and retain top talent for a fast growing company. High energy people, cutting edge tools and products with a focus on building a world class company through quality staffing; assisting the hiring managers in their hiring efforts, sourcing, researching, interviewing, and closing the candidates.

Skills; Ability to identify top talent, particularly the more sought after passive candidates. Engineering/Operations/Marketing recruiting, but capable of recruiting all positions, from receptionist to CEO. Able to facilitate, negotiate and close tough deals as an unbiased 3rd party. Reduction of dependence on outside agencies by doing nationwide and international searches using advanced sourcing and tracking systems which include Airs and Resumix. Ten years of experience dealing with INS related hiring issues.


Apton Associates,: -4/02 – Present - Santa Clara, CA
Independent Recruiter
Contingency placements; contract and direct for a select list of exclusive clients in high tech. Clients include; Tesla, Chatfly, Philips Lumileds, Huawei, Applied Micro, Broadcom, Qualcomm and Maxim as well as other entertainment hardware, enterprise software and military/aerospace companies. Full cycle corporate in-house recruiting for all departments including software development, operations, sales and marketing. My current project involves full-cycle recruiting for; SaaS, Big Data, Data Analytics, Data Mining, Database Internals, compiler, network ASIC, signal integrity, Distributed Systems, MPP and CRM for the telecommunications industry.

Nvidia, Inc.: -12/99 – 4/02 - Santa Clara, CA.
Technical Recruiter
Use of direct sourcing, industry networking, internet, my resume database, employee referrals, and appropriate trade and industry organizations to recruit and perform in-depth interviews for a Nasdaq 100, graphics chip company. Placing Asic Designers, Board Designers, Software Engineers, Operations Managers and Applications Engineers. Preparation and presentation of the offer package. Foster and implement new and innovative staffing ideas via benchmarking with other companies and continued recruitment trend analysis in the global marketplace.

Netformx, Inc.:- 6/99 – 12/99 - Los Gatos, CA.
Contract Recruiter
Sourcing, recruiting, interviewing, including internet and direct methods for network design software marketing department, including product, sales, and tech-support managers. Thorough knowledge of compensation, benefits, training and success factors and implications as they relate to staffing. Manage agency relations. Support projects that impact the staffing department.

Macromedia, Inc.:- 3/99 - 6/99 - San Francisco, CA.
Contract Technical Recruiter
Sourcing, recruiting, interviewing, including Internet and direct methods for Online Multi-player Game Developers and Producers, web Tool Developers and software engineers.

Zeitgeist Data Systems, Inc.:- 11/98 - 2/99 - Mt. View, CA.
Technical Recruiter
Conceive, design, and implementation of recruiting strategies including web-posting and other advertising, job fairs, and channel recruiting Proven abilities in staffing including gap analysis, use of automated staffing systems, reporting, measurement and processes.

Hitachi Data Systems, Inc.:- 9/98 - 11/98 - Santa Clara, CA
Contract Technical Recruiter
Develop and implement staffing strategy including; posting, interviewing, sourcing and matching for Marketing/Sales Department i.e. Product SupportManagers & Performance Analysis.

SmartSource, Inc.:- 6/98 - 9/98 - Santa Clara, CA
Contract Technical Recruiter
Develop and implement staffing strategy including; posting, interviewing,sourcing and matching for a staffing agency. i.e. Network Control Center Engineers and Administrators

Career Designs, Inc.; - 6/98- 9/98 - Burlingame, CA
Contract Technical Recruiter
Develop and implement staffing strategy including; posting, interviewing, sourcing and matching for a staffing agency. i.e. DBA's, Unix Administrators and Release Engineers.

Midcom Corporation, Inc.:- 9/93 - 6/98 - Palo Alto, CA.
Technical Recruiter
Provide commercial, industrial, aerospace, manufacturing and gaming industry clients with H/W and S/W programmers and engineering professionals as well as related technical personnel. Type of candidates sourced were Unix applications developers and systems engineers, mechanical engineers, bio-tech, embedded real-time developers, web developers, course developers, auditors, financial analysts & accountants.

Immigration, E.A.P, Crisis management, EEO, SEC and AECA/ITAR compliance, Semco, and AIRS

Memberships; HRCA